QoW – 2016 – Q3 – 003


The patient was on the following ventilator parameters in the CTICU :  SIMV-VCV,  RR(set)=8,  Vt(set)=700,  FiO2=50%,  PEEP=5.

The patient will be in the MRI suite for the next 75 minutes.

a) what will the settings be on this ventilator ?

b) how do you set patient trigger ?

c) how do you set Vt(set) on this ventilator (the “cheat sheet” was ripped off of the side of this ventilator).

d) if you use the vent with the settings that are currently dialed in, what will the ventilators translate to in standard ventilator parameters.


QoW 2015 – 002 (How is this TRALI patient doing post trache?)

With regards to this TRALI patient post tracheostomy and trache-collar trial in progress for > 12hrs,

a) how do you think the patient is doing?

b) what do you think the physician thinks how this patient is faring?

c) how do you think the physician decided to manage this patient?

d) how would you handle this patient in the next 12hrs?