QoW 2016 – 005

A 70kg patient who had an emergent appendectomy 2 hours ago and is currently in PACU is on the following

ventilator settings :  SIMV-PRVC,  RR(set)=15,  Vt(set)=400,  FiO2=100%,  PEEP=8,  PS=10 with

resultant PIP=45cmH2O.

ABG values as follows :  pH 7.40    PaCO2=41,    PaO2=259,    HCO3=26,    SpO2=100%.

Given the above, please answer the following :

A)   What is the P/F ratio of this patient ?

B)   What is the lung compliance of this patient ?

C)  How are the patient’s lungs ?

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