Resident lecture – requisite mandatory ventilatory parameters to order.

REMEMBER : Always discuss all aspects of respiratory care with the respiratory therapist, the resident, the nurse and the attending physician.

The physician should always order :

orders for initiation of mechanical ventilation to include :

type of ventilation : VCV vs. PCV vs. PRVC

mode of ventilation : full vs. partial vs. minimal ventilatory support (aka AC vs. SIMV vs. PSV)

RRset : 6 vs. 10 vs. 16

Vt(set) : 6ml/kg vs. 8ml/kg vs. 10ml/kg vs. 12ml/kg (and PBW(-predicted body weight) vs. IBW(ideal body weight) vs. actual weight)

alternatively to Vt(set), dP(set) : dP=30

alternatively to Vt(set), Time(inspiratory) : T(inspir) =2sec

FiO2 : 100% vs. 30% & appropriate PEEP (suggested=14cmH2O).

PEEP : 14cmH2O.

Pressure Support : targeted for tidal volume ~ 5ml/kg.


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