Scholarships and Financial Aid

First and foremost, as soon as you are accepted into a program contact the financial aid office and ask them for any resources they have regarding scholarships and grants. Be aware of DEADLINES! This is very important. Put the deadlines in your calendar and apply as early as possible!

Many schools offer their own scholarships. I received a faculty scholarship through the school of health related professions at my university. There is usually a general application that you fill out and it applies toward all scholarships that you qualify for at your institution.

The ARCF is the most comprehensive organization that offers scholarships exclusively to respiratory students and researchers in respiratory care. They offer awards to those in A.S., B.S. in respiratory therapy. Scholarships are also offered for respiratory therapists who are accepted into graduate programs. The graduate program does not need to be in respiratory therapy.

For students in Minnesota, go HERE for information on three available scholarships for healthcare students.

For those in Wisconsin, HERE is a nice PDF listing of a few miscellaneous scholarships for different individuals.

Some local medical centers and hospitals have created their own scholarship funds that they offer to local respiratory students. Our goal is to encourage these local scholarships. We’re considering starting up our own scholarship funds. Let us know what you think!

We are also going to encourage state societies to start scholarship funds. Let us know if your state society offers scholarships and we’ll list them here.

More links will be posted as time goes by. Please contact us if you have information on more scholarships.