Starling Curve – how to “read” / use a Starling curve



  • describes the relationship between the cardiac ventricle and its potential for ejectability of its volume.
  • describes the status of the cardiac sarcomere.

read starling 001

pictured above : the basic / generic curve.


read starling 002

above : how to read : draw a line from the x-axis to the curve.

(more to follow at a later date).

read starling 003

follow the line up to the curve.

read starling 004

read starling 005

read starling 006

once you reach the curve, go directly (perpendicularly) left.

read starling 007

read starling 008

keep going till you hit the y-axis.

read starling 009

read the value on the y-axis (3L/min) – for this patient at this time at this current volume status.

read starling 010

back to the x-axis, start giving 1L of IVF (intravenous fluid) challenge.

read starling 011

based on the units on the x-axis, go to 1L of IVF moreso then before fluid challenge.

read starling 012

follow the line upward … till you hit the curve.

read starling 013

read starling 014

once you hit the curve, go directly (& perpendicularly)  leftward.

read starling 015

read starling 016

read the new value on the y-axis … this is the new cardiac output after getting a 1L IVF challenge.