2 min Evaluation – Urimeter = clear – 10 seconds to reach a conclusion


The quick explanation :

Situation :    urine = clear.

Background :    fluid overloaded.

Action :    forced diuresis.

Recommendation :     Alveolar recruitment technique (ART).



The “long winded” explanation :

S-B-A-R format reporting – quick reporting format for handoff from one healthcare professional to another.

A lot of this presentation is conjecture … but time and experience has proven correct 99 out of 100 times.

Clear – forced diuresis (Lasix) – fluid overloaded – increased CVP .

Fluid overloaded due to a transient hypotensive crisis.

The fluid is coursing its way thru the vasculature and some of that fluid is finding its way into the pulmonary parenchyma.

Use Alveolar Recruitment Technique (ART) to mitigate the effects of rogue intravascular fluid … finding its way to the extravascular space (pulmonary interstitium.