AoW 2016-Q3-002 … MRI ventilation via AMBU bag / BVM

In preparing for an MRI transport using an AMBU bag, proper placement of the exhalation valve is paramount … AMBU (A) is INcorrect vs. AMBU (B) is correct.
Ambu (A) … a lot of corrugated tubing before exhalation valve…this translates to approximately 1000cc of dead space the patient will be rebreathing during manual ventilation.

Ambu (B) … exhalation valve “cut and pasted” to demonstrate proper positioning. This allows the patient to exhale immediately after the ETT endotracheal tube. The approximate 1000cc of corrugated tubing is now properly referred to as an oxygen reservoir.

Where the exhalation valve is placed determines what you call the blue corrugated tubing… dead space oxygen reservoir.