QoW 2015 – 002 (How is this TRALI patient doing post trache?)

With regards to this TRALI patient post tracheostomy and trache-collar trial in progress for > 12hrs,

a) how do you think the patient is doing?

b) what do you think the physician thinks how this patient is faring?

c) how do you think the physician decided to manage this patient?

d) how would you handle this patient in the next 12hrs?

QoW 2015 – 001 (REALLY understanding a patient using NAVA’s Edi signal).

2015 nov - NAVA - 7 novel cases - j 013

I have heard a  lot of people (if not everyone I have known) tell patients “it is really hard breathing thru that small tube (i.e. ETT) but hang in there and we will have that tube out in a little bit”.

Using the graph of Edi, explain why breathing thru the ETT is actually easier than post extubation.

Hint : compare #3 vs #5 (the assumption is that the higher the microvoltage that the brain sends down to the diaphragm, the more distressed the brain “feels”).

Good luck !

Looking forward to the answers.

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