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Build up your eLibrary starting with this gem – great hemodynamic tutorial. Hemodynamics is a huge part of our jobs as respiratory therapists and being proficient is key to being a great practitioner.

Anyone and everyone should get this booklet if you are interested in hemodynamics.

It is free to download.

Google search “edwards hemodynamics pdf” and then select the search item I have identified in the inset.

If you go to the Edwards website’s homepage, there are other good booklets for free.

There is a lot of good stuff out there for free from our vendors.

As I have opportunities, I will post them – I will use the key search words eLibrary or FREE so the references can be found.

The intrinsic beauty of human physiology >> Beauty of the ICU >> “Art” in the ICU >>(CO = HR x ??)


“In a Nutshell” :  the beauty of human physiology

Although this is just a swishing and sloshing of stuff in the ICU, there is intricate beauty in this clip … just activate the “replay” function of the movie player your PC uses.

The urine output flow is demonstrated in the clear urine “moving along” in the urimeter set.

The blood sloshing around represents the collection moving around to the beat of the HR.

Between these 2 fluid volumes sloshing around, is the implied requisite stroke volume per heart beat.


Understanding cardiac physiology 001 – unravel the heart

The traditional picture does not help in understanding cardiac physiology.


The cutaway heart does not help either.


It is important to unravel the heart and its vasculature.


And then, line the heart up in a unidirectional flow :


In a nutshell : the pulmonary circuit (vasculature) is shown in the diagram above.

Blood has to traverse the route of : RA > RV > pulmonary circuit > RA > RV (and then out the Aorta).