IABP – radio-opaque marker

The IABP can be visualized in this radiograph below.

Look for the gas density (= black) in the CXR in the form of a balloon  (aligned vertically ) in the descending Ao.

In a CXR, patent alveoli = black ; atelectasis = white.

Other gas filled structures will also appear black :

> stomach, esophagus, ETT cuff.

> IABP (during inflation >> with Helium).




cxr-iab radioopaque marker

pictured above, radio-opaque marker at the tip of the IAB.

Ideal position : 2cm below the top of the  Aortic arch.


IABP – intra-aortic balloon pump – the device

The IABP is a common device seen often in the CTICU, CCU, or not so frequently in other ICUs.

iabp-infl vs defl

Above, the balloon that is in inflated vs. deflated position.

It resides in the Descending Aorta (proper positioning to be discussed later).

iabp - dvc

Above : the IABP console.

iabp - dvc scrm

Above : the IABP control.

iabp - radiogr

IABP inserted percutaneously via femoral artery and residing in the descending Aorta.